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LeadSmart is a full-service Lead-Free, Leak-FreeTM, Pipe Protection Solution for a Healthy Home.


About Us

Dedication to Excellence & Innovation with a Personal Touch.


Whether your property is residential, commercial, HOA, hotel or government we have the successful expertise, project management experience to scale and handle any size plumbing project.


Our ePIPE team is committed to the development of long term relationships. This is why we focus on superior service and consistently provide it with courtesy and respect. We feel that honest and professional business practices are essential to quality customer relations. We respond quickly to our customers’ needs, especially when leaky pipes, rusty water and lead and copper contamination are involved. ePIPE’s patented technology offers the best in proactive lead and leak protection.


The development of the patented ePIPE process goes back to the 1990’s with a vision of developing and commercializing a positive friendly solution to pipe corrosion and leaks using technology to restore pipes “in-place.” ePIPE is an alternative to conventional re-piping that limits digging, cutting into walls, floors, ceilings and foundations to replace or repair pipes.

More than just Leak Protection!

The first of its kind, the ePIPE
LeadSmart Program
is a comprehensive solution for identifying, testing and resolving lead leaching into drinking water.
Improving Water

Since the 1990’s, in collaboration with our team of specialists at ACE DuraFlo Systems, we have developed and been awarded over 40 US and international patents involving in-place restoration of piping systems.

Products meet the highest public health approvals

Only product approved for protection of pipes, including those made of lead, by both the Drinking Water Inspectorate for public water supplies and by WRAS for private works, enabling protection from lead leaching from the water main to the tap.

Lead Remediation Projects

Scope of works range from diagnosis for lead, remediation of lead & copper leaching at schools, homes, offices, hotels and US government facilities, to participating in one of the world’s largest lead remediation programs involving over 30,000 lead service lines in the metro London area.

Become a certified LeadSmart Tester

LeadSmart® is America’s Fastest Growing Lead (Pb) Detection and Remediation Service. Certified LeadSmart providers provide on-site water testing for lead in drinking water by using EPA-approved equipment, education on how to identify sources of lead in piping systems, professional remediation recommendations and a certificate of compliance. These services are also backed by an industry-first, $1 million Professional Errors and Omissions Insurance program.

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Our LeadSmart Program

Want to be part of the solution? Learn more about our LeadSmart Program and become a certified technician.

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Patent Portfolio
In collaboration with ePIPE and ACE DuraFlo, we are proud to be the only company with over 40 US and International patents for small diameter pipe restoration.
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