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Partnered with ePIPE, LeadSmart  has been proud to reduce lead leaching in piping systems for numerous government facilities, schools, universities and for the US Department of Defense (DoD).

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Corrosion of military equipment and infrastructure costs approximately $20 billion every year, and the DoD is looking for new solutions for personnel who procure, use, and maintain military material, equipment and facilities/infrastructure. That is where we come in, ePIPE is part of the DoD solution for combating corrosion, leaking pipes and lead leaching.

Our Lead Reduction Projects

San Clemente Island, CA - Naval Training Base Housing

Reducing the Risk of Lead in Water

Prevent Lead Leaching in water with epoxy coating

LeadSmart™ In-place Lining of Lead Service Lines

First in UK Lining of Communication and Supply Lead Drinking Water Pipes

Schools with Lead Tainted Water get Passing Grade with ePIPE®

ACE DuraFlo® Launches the ePIPE® LeadSmart®Lead Protection Plan

Our LeadSmart Program

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