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Lead Service

Bring Lead Service Lines into EPA/ WHO Compliance

U.S. EPA and Water Research Foundation sponsored WRF Report 4351 – Evaluation of Lead Service Line Lining and Coating Technologies concluded: “Coating technologies can effectively reduce or eliminate release of lead from LSLs, are expected to have a long service life and can potentially result in significant cost savings… Recommended for consideration by both public water systems and property owners.”

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ePIPE is approved by the best health, safety, and compliance organizations

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fast and economical

2 hour cure - fastest return to service in the world. Service lines are completed in less than 4 hours and reduces excavation cost and customer disruption.


ANSI/ NSF 61 approved. The only epoxy based product with both WRAS and Reg 31 approval for lead pipes. Approved for both metallic and non-metallic potable water piping.

public and private side lining

Private side - from building supply shut-off to curb stop. Public side - from curb stop to main 


Pb = > 0 ug/l
Pre-lining lead concentration
Pb = < 0 ug/l
Post-lining lead concentration

Our Patents

ePIPE is actively working with US, Hong Kong and UK water authorities to continue to reduce the lead levels in drinking water to acceptable standards. ePIPE has been granted 4 US Patents on it’s effectiveness of reducing lead leaching in piping systems, US Patents #8524320 and #9273815.

Independently tested by water quality regulators, the patented ePIPE LeadSmart protection system has proven to be the fastest return to service and most effective in-place epoxy lining lead and leak protection system in the industry.

Patent portfolio

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