Green Homes Sell Faster and often for More Money

More than half of consumers rank green and energy-efficiency as top requirements for their next homes. Green homes sell at higher prices and faster than comparable, conventional homes. (USGBC 2016.

A green home should not just be energy efficient; it should also consider the health of its occupants.

Did you know?

Many older homes have plumbing systems that include what are called “lead contributors” such as lead piping, lead solder and brass fixtures. These can cause lead to leach into the drinking water in those homes, potentially poisoning the residents living inside, and causing lifelong damage.

Choose LeadSmart – The Right Choice for a Healthy Home

LeadSmart offers peace of mind by testing, identifying and bringing properties into compliance with the US EPA guideline for lead resulting from the leaching effects from plumbing system components.

Once a property is deemed compliant, a LeadSmart Certificate is issued, confirming that the property is in compliance with EPA standards,and protecting those who inhabit the home from the dangers of lead poisoning through drinking water.

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