LeadSmart® Protects both Buyers and Sellers in Real Estate Transactions

It’s estimated that more than 18 million Americans currently live in areas where the drinking water system violates the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s lead and copper rule.

Under existing law, a seller or lessor of a dwelling could potentially have an obligation to disclose lead or copper in the dwelling’s water supply, and could potentially be liable for rescission and/or damages for failure to disclose.

LeadSmart Helps Protect Buyers, Sellers and Real Estate Professionals

The LeadSmart program includes onsite water testing services for lead, a remediation action plan and certification of compliance for lead in drinking water.

Southern California homeowner, Joel Cooper understands the dangers of potential lead exposure from drinking water, and the possible risks from non-disclosure of hazardous materials in real estate transactions, so he was proactive in having his home LeadSmart Certified before listing it on the market.

Joel stated, “Having the LeadSmart Certification on my home ensures that I am protecting both myself and potential buyers. Knowing that my drinking water complies with EPA standards gives me peace of mind in knowing that I am selling a Healthy Home.”

Want to be a Part of the Solution? Become a LeadSmart Certified Tester

LeadSmart Lead Protection Plan provides multiple levels of protection aimed at reducing lead leaching from plumbing components. The program offers peace of mind by testing, identifying and bringing properties into compliance with the US EPA guide-line for lead contamination that results from the leaching effects from plumbing system components. When a property is tested in compliance to current EPA guidelines for lead you can issue a LeadSmart Certificate of Compliance. LeadSmart water testing services are backed by an industry first – a $1 Million Professional Errors and Omissions Insurance program.

Join the LeadSmart Team Now!

Learn how you can become a LeadSmart Certified Tester by calling 888.775.0220. You will receive training and necessary equipment required to diagnose, detect, test and provide recommendations to reduce lead and copper leaching in drinking water. Equipment includes a portable, EPA approved on-site lead and copper testing scanner/analyzer, a fully loaded tablet with necessary forms and documents, training manual and other materials required for you to be LeadSmart certified. Ongoing support is provided, and as a Certified Tester you will be covered under the LeadSmart $1 million Errors and Omissions insurance coverage.

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