LeadSmart® Helps Protect You and Your Clients

Under existing law, a seller or lessor of a dwelling could potentially have an obligation to disclose lead or copper in the dwelling’s water supply, and could potentially be liable for rescission and/or damages for failure to disclose.

Many older homes have plumbing systems that include what we call “lead contributors” such as lead piping, lead solder and brass fixtures. These can potentially cause lead to leach into the drinking water in those homes.

What is LeadSmart?

LeadSmart offers peace of mind by testing, identifying and bringing properties into compliance with the US EPA guideline for lead resulting from the leaching effects from plumbing system components.

Once a property is deemed compliant, a LeadSmart Certificate is issued, confirming that the property is in compliance with EPA standards, and can eliminate potential liability arising from possible lead exposure.

Our testing program has you covered with $1 Million Professional Errors and Omissions Insurance.

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